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Welcome to the psychic studio I hope that you are well and things are relatively ok in your world.

Our services include:

• Crystal ball readings

• Palmistry readings

• Astrology charts: natal and compatibility charts.

• We can come to your home or you can come to us, if we come to you we will add a small charge for fuel!

• Do you have an event / party and want something rather special, call us and we will do readings for you!

• Are you lacking motivation, are you lacking self-esteem?We offer motivational and life coaching to help you move forwards in your life be confident and make your future a happy and bright place to be !!

Visit our psychic who will help you move forwards in life giving you that get up and go and advice that you need!


Laroc is our palmist and astrologer, she is from a long line of palmists dating back to before the 18th century, she has read minor royalty over the
years and is an excellent palmist. Laroc has been reading palms and doing astrology charts for over 40 years and been guiding many with sound
good advice as well for many more.

Mitch is a natural psychic and crystal ball reader His father is also a psychic and also his father before him, Mitch is also a motivational
speaker, he has read all over the world and also has done readings for minor royalty as well. He also has been reading for over 45 years. He has
been known to use natural healing methods as well to help those who need it.

So if you need a reading in total confidence contact us for an appointment

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